Deep Space Art Gallery, The Bone Creatures

I paint on bones, leave some as one-bone Creatures, and assemble others into their multi-boned kin. I may decorate them with small tiles, glass, glitter, beads, sheets of copper, bass guitar strings, agates, or put them on stands of marble and copper, with or without flashing from an acetylene torch...whatever each Creature seems to want. I try to finish their eyes first. After that, the rest comes easily.

Most of the bones are "found objects," bones of deer, cattle, bighorn sheep, foxes, mice, etc. I don't paint on human bones. However, I've bought some casts of human vertebrae from The Bone Room in Berkeley, CA, which is well worth a visit.

This is Esmerelda, a multi-bone Creature. She has bass strings for antennae and as part of her tail crest. Esmerelda also has copper wings encrusted with jeweled beads, and an Attitude. She found a fine home with lots of flying space in Borrego Springs, CA.


This is Psyche, another multi-bone Creature. Copper wire and some tin hold her together, and she has organically fired glass for a heart (from the southern CA Cedar Fire in 2004). Beads and tiny crystals decorate her copper crown. She lives with me at the moment and is available for Adoption. 

Images to be uploaded:  she's shy.

Also to be uploaded:  Dora, The Owl Totem, Mulroy, and The Triplets, all one-bone Creatures.